Remember to keep scanning QR codes — both are important for contact tracing. Find out more about Bluetooth tracing. If you do not use the app, use whatever method works for you, like the NZ COVID Tracer booklet. Encourage your family, whānau and friends to do the same. We recommend you keep track of the 3 Ws: Where you went. When you went there.


keep track. Need synonyms for keep track? Here's a list of similar words from our thesaurus that you can use instead. Verb. Observe. keep one's eye on. keep tabs. monitor. observe.

Keep a track of your complaint status without having to us at 311. Just visit us online here: and enter your Service Request number  Keeping track of time: Daily time management, participation, and time-related interventions for children, adolescents, and young adults with  The system tracks when entities are created, updated or marked for deletion, with timestamp and active user. When relevant, a change log is available in the… set-up-find-my-iPhone-keep-keep-track-your-ios-device.1280x600 Många översatta exempelmeningar innehåller "keep track of" – Svensk-engelsk ordbok och sökmotor för svenska översättningar. How do I keep track of news? Stay updated on news and new developments in the industry and at Axiell Media by subscribing to our  I'm not fat - I help my stalkers keep track of me - Engelsk textstämpel från Gummiapan 5*1,6 cm.

Keep track

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to…. Learn more. Cambridge Dictionary +Plus keep track of (someone or something) (redirected from keep track of ) To continue to monitor or keep an active account of someone or something so that one remains well informed about them or it. The meaning of to keep track of something. If you keep track of something, you make sure to know about what is happening (or has happened) to it.

3. Open the target document that you will paste text into, and turn off the track changes with clicking Review > Track Changes > Track Changes. See screenshot: 4.

13 Mar 2020 As successful business and career coaches, the members of Forbes Coaches Council know firsthand how important it is to keep track of each 

Lists. thesaurus. thesaurus for keep track.

KeepTrack 5.2. Automated profile images from Gravatar. Star Tracker to register attendance, skill progress and more. Mobile first, 100% responsive booking app. Integrated credit cards for POS and direct debit. Fully automated perpetual classes. Optimized speed and security.

Keep track

Learn more. Synonyms: keep an account of, stay informed about, maintain contact with, track, audit, more Forum discussions with the word (s) "keep track of" in the title: It’s so hard to keep track of. keep track of. keep track of. keep track of a desire.

Keep track

open_in_new Länk till OpenSubtitles. warning Anmäl ett fel. I put transmitting devices in your key rings to keep track of you. expand_more Och jag har satt in sändare i nycklarna, så att jag kan hålla reda på er. more_vert.
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Keep track

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- engelska. You can select different  For more tips on how to improve your budget tracking, keep reading. If you're a performance marketer, you'd probably agree that keeping track  Visual boards right in Gmail to share, assign and track emails.
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Keep track of your company's holiday liabilities and avoid unnecessary surprises. A company's holiday liability constitutes a large part of its total payroll costs, 

Hits The days of digging deep into a company's financials to make smart investments are gone. Today, you can easily find real-time stock market data with just a few clicks of your mouse. Countless apps and websites offer instant individual stock Purolator provides an online shipment tracking tool on its website. Customers can enter tracking information into the tracking tool which is located in the left column of the company's homepage, and click the red Track button. Though you may be celebrating this year's Pride Month from the comfort, security and relative isolation of home, that doesn't mean you can't make the most of it. If you're determined to celebrate, dance and cheer for the LGBTQ+ community th Investing in mutual funds is the first step toward financial freedom and developing your safety net for retirement.